Westside/Mary Lake Crime Activity and the Surrounding Area


    As the weather begins to get hotter we can expect to see more homeless people roaming around our neighborhoods. It’s a good time to keep a watchful eye on each other to minimize theft and damage. If you see homeless people congregating a quick call to the police (225-4200) will alert them of a potential problem. Let’s all do out part and look out for our Neighbor!

    The June Meeting was held in the community room which is air-conditioned and and the discussion of the local police Chief firing was an interesting topic. Also discussed was the attack at the Keswick Dam and the need to be aware of your surroundings as you walk or ride bicycle.

    **** Excessive Speed on Ridge Dr is being reported! ****

    RPD Traffic call number for excessive speeders and traffic violations: traffic line: 225-4230
    Speeding is an inconsiderate reckless endangerment to our children

    Please be aware and alert as you are out walking there was a recent attack, a woman was assulted on the river trail by Diestlehorst bridge and taken to hospital. Six foot 40-50 years it was on Record Searchlight this happened at 8:30am.

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